The Cold Spring Harbor Rowing Association (CSHRA) is organized exclusively to promote and facilitate rowing for the Cold Spring Harbor School District, maintain facilities and equipment, promote good sportsmanship, and conduct fund-raising.

How We Work

The CSHRA works in a public/private partnership with the Cold Spring Harbor School District.

The school district supports the crew team primarily by paying for most of the coaches’ salaries and fees required by the Eagle Dock Foundation for use of their facilities on Shore Road in Cold Spring Harbor. This is where the team practices.  The school district also provides bus transportation to and from practice at Eagle Dock Beach.

The CSHRA raises money (through fees, contributions and fundraising) to support all other activities of the team with emphasis on needs to ensure the safety of all rowers.  This includes

  • Purchasing, operating, maintaining and insuring  the equipment used by the team;

  • Payment for regatta entrance fees;

  • Partial payment for coaches;

  • Partial payment for use of facilities at Eagle Dock Beach;

  • Underwriting other costs for the Fall, Winter and Spring rowing programs; and

  • Organizing parent participation in logistical support (food, hotel arrangements, etc.) required for team regattas.

Through its fundraising efforts, the CSHRA has:

  • Purchased and owns the boats, oars, and other equipment used by the crew team;

  • Entered into a license agreement with Eagle Dock Foundation to permit the team to be based out of Eagle Dock Beach; and

  • Constructed a boathouse at Eagle Dock Beach, which houses the equipment.

How We’re Organized & Governed

The CSHRA is:

  •  A not-for profit corporation established under the Not-for Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York.

  •  Recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity exempt from federal and state taxes. 

  • Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of parents of the crew team of Cold Spring Harbor High School.