Home Regattas
Bus transportation to and from all local regattas (on Long Island) will be provided for the team by the Cold Spring Harbor School District.  Buses will depart from and return to CSH High School. Departure times will be announced by the coaches prior to each regatta.

It is Cold Spring Harbor School District policy that students be transported to and from all games on the transportation provided by the school.  For special situations, the “Emergency Waiver of Transportation” form must be filled out.  This form is available on the school website: on the Athletics Program submenu.

Away Regattas
Rowing is one of the few sports at Cold Spring Harbor High School that regularly involves travel beyond Long Island.  To make this travel as convenient as possible, the Cold Spring Harbor Rowing Association (CSHRA) makes hotel reservations for participants at a competitive group rate, the cost of which is borne by each participant’s family.  This process ensures we have sufficient rooms for rowers, their families, and coaches near the regatta site.  It also keeps the team together and available for coaches’ meetings, if necessary, the evening before the regatta.  Therefore, it is required that you use CSHRA hotel reservations, and not make your own arrangements with any hotel.

In order to take advantage of favorable group rates, the CSHRA must enter into contractual commitments well in advance of each regatta, thereby risking substantial penalties if the proper procedures are not followed.  To mitigate this risk and to ensure each rower has a room, we ask you to:


  • Complete a Hotel Reservation Form (see Registration tab) for each away regatta

  • Submit payment as indicated on the Hotel Reservation Form

  • Request a room before any deadline--unclaimed rooms will be released


In the event that a participant cannot participate in a regatta for which he/she has been selected by the coaches, it is required that the participant’s parent/guardian immediately contact the coaches and CSHRA Board Representative for Hotel and Travel so that the participant can be replaced and the reservation changed.  If this is not done within the appropriate time parameters, the parent/guardian will be responsible for any charges involved with the reservation.

Please plan carefully.  Remember that crew is a team sport, and that your failure to appear for away regattas affects not only your child, but his or her boat mates as well, and can cause financial harm to the CSHRA.

It is against the policies of the CSH High School and the CSHRA for your child to be transported to or from an athletic event by someone other than a parent or another adult, designated by the parent, who has agreed to be responsible for your child.

If you are not going to be with your child at an away regatta, you must submit a written statement identifying the adult who will act as your child’s designated guardian and who will be responsible for your child (including authorizing any emergency medical treatment).  This statement must be signed by both the parent and designated guardian and submitted to the Head Coach.  A copy of your medical insurance card must be included.


Rowers are not permitted to check into a hotel and must be with their designated guardian. Hotels require that you be 21 years old to check into a hotel. No rower may stay alone in a hotel room.  

Please note that regatta schedules are subject to change.  Changes will be posted on the CSHRA website and communicated via e-mail prior to the event.

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